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PrizeWagon offers a special way to earn prizes! Begin by following these simple steps below.

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Complete Offers & Collect Prize Points

In the “Earn” section you'll find hundreds of offers for you to complete. Most of these offers are 100% FREE and are simple to complete. Just read the description below the offer, click on the offer name, and follow the instructions in the description. For example, if a description says "Register For Free", you simply have to click the link, fill out the registration form, and confirm your email address to qualify for your free points. When you're done with an offer, click 'Done' next to it and it'll move to your 'Pending' section.


Once you do an offer, we have to confirm with the advertiser that you actually completed it before points are added to your account. This process is usually very quick (within 1-2 hours), but can sometimes take up to a week. If your points don't appear right away, be patient! Once the offer is confirmed on our side, the points are automatically added to your account.


Redeem Prize Points for Prizes

You can use your points to buy great gifts in the Prize Shop, like gift cards, iPods, and more! Once ordered, your prize will ship in 2-4 weeks. You can check your order status anytime just by visiting the Prize Shop.


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